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Sunset for Earth Day blog about solar power.

Mi-Grid: For Us, Every Day is Earth Day with Hybrid Renewable Energy Management

For Mi-Grid, every day is Earth Day because our hybrid energy management system harnesses renewable energy. At its core, the system is clean, simple and economically sustainable.

The most earth-friendly aspect of the design is solar power or wind power, either of which can be controlled by Mi-Grid. We take it further, with batteries to store the renewable power for later use as well as with a generator running on either natural gas or propane, backing up the renewables as well as grid-tied power.

Mi-Grid’s controls cycles among power sources. For example, solar panels will generate energy during the day, supplying power and sending the excess to the batteries. As the sun sets, the system taps the energy stored in the batteries for power. If the battery storage drops to 50%, the generator takes over in supplying electricity. All of these internal dispatches by Mi-Grid are seamless to the consumer. You never lose power.

The Mi-Grid system is sized to different applications and demand (load) needs. Each provides reliable, environmentally friendly power.


In this scenario, a home or business is connected to a utility grid, but not reliant on it. Instead, the solar or wind power on-site is used first, again going green as the primary consideration. If the utility grid goes out for whatever reason, such as a thunderstorm, Mi-Grid disconnects from the utility and keeps the power on. Any excess solar-generated power goes to the batteries. By contrast, a conventional grid-tied solar power installation goes dark when the utility grid is down. With the grid-tied Mi-Grid system, you save money on electricity, never lose power and benefit from your own renewable energy.


If your location is off-grid, the Mi-Grid solution is more economical than relying on solar power or on a generator alone. Remember, the battery component stores excess solar power and the generator only cycles on when needed, not all the time, reducing fuel and maintenance. Less fuel lowers your carbon footprint and storing renewable energy in batteries is a cost-efficient mechanism, less expensive than solar only.


Hitting the open road in a recreational vehicle (RV) with Mi-Grid is in keeping with the pack it in, pack it out spirit because you are taking your own green power with you onboard! You are not running a loud, fuel-guzzling generator, but you have power anytime you want! Solar panels on the roof of the RV are controlled by a module housed easily within the camper. This system works beautifully for motor homes, food trucks and any mobile business. You can be powered up anywhere, anytime with the mobile version of Mi-Grid.

That’s why we can celebrate Earth Day all year round! More information on Mi-Grid sizes and pricing can be found here.

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