Energy Independence – Never Lose Power, Save More with Solar

Hybrid Energy System
Energy management system combines power from multiple sources including: Solar, Utility Power, Energy Storage and Auto-starting Generator.

Power RV
From 2kW to 8kW continuous power, surge power for starting Air Conditioners, pumps and motors, 6kW to 24kW.

solar power efficiency

solar power efficiency

Solar Powered
50-80% power from Sun – Even works on cloudy days. Solar and batteries supply power during the day. Switches to utility or generator power once batteries are depleted. Generator runs 1-3 hours/day sup-plying power while recharging batteries, then shuts down, reducing fuel and noise. Solar panels charge even while driving.

Large Storage system
Inverter/Batteries can operate standalone for up 8 hours overnight – including air conditioning!

Fully Integrated system
Includes Energy Management system, Inverters, Charge Controllers, Transfer switches, Energy Storage, Disconnects and Generator – Pre-packaged and tested assuring high quality.

Easy Installation
Solar panels and installation provided by your local installer. 1kW and 2.5kW Solar Panel and Mounting kits available for cabins and RVs.

Never Lose power
Seamless transition between sources. Power never goes out. Like your computer UPS!

Saves Fuel
Generator Fills in when renewable and utility sources are not available. Operates at maximum, powering everything & recharging batteries. Shuts down when batteries full. Up to 90% savings versus traditional generators.

Reduced Maintenance
Generator only runs when needed. Mi-Grid generators run typically 1-2 hours per day. Time before maintenance is significantly increased. Traditional RV generators run 24 hours per day. In expensive generators are loud and require constant maintenance, typically lasting only a season or two. Onan generators last much longer but are 4-10 times the price!

Independence. Go any where the road takes you. Always have power. Save money. Less noise. Reduce or eliminate your carbon footprint.

Mi Grid Models and Prices

Remote panel and remote generator start switch included. Choose Predesigned configurations or customize for your application. Options include NEMA4 or NEMA4X enclosures, extra batteries, Wall Mounting, Air Conditioning and motor soft starters.

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