Tetra West Technology was established in 2006 as a procurement and sourcing export business based in Houston, Texas.

Tetra West Technologies has historically focused on providing design and sourcing services, specializing in the support of industrial, oil production and energy industries.  In 2010, the business expanded into product development, supplying structural aluminum, some engineering design and lighting systems for heliport construction.

Additional requests were presented to supply solar energy systems to power the heliport landing lights.  Instead of externally sourcing, internal designs were developed, manufactured and assembled using robust off the shelf components. This led to the development of numerous solar powered lighting, remote monitoring and other products for off-shore and rugged industrial and hazardous area environments.  These products have been marketed through the subsidiary, Tetra West Solar, and are now carried by Dialight electrical lighting company.

In 2015, Tetra West developed expanded into renewable energy management systems with the development of the Mi-Grid product line.

Mi-Grid can be Installed Anywhere!

Systems feature NEMA-4 enclosures for durability

Many packaging options, including wall-mounted, shed-enclosed or trailer mounted for easy transport

Each system is fully factory tested prior to shipment

Business & Residential systems installed through Solar Installers

Larger system installations customized to the specifications of the application.

Mobile systems installed by RV dealers and Gourmet Food Truck manufacturers

Kits available for self install


Empower Your Life With Reliable and Renewable Energy

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