Advanced Photovoltaic Technology for Homes and Businesses

Mi-Grid is different than regular utility connected solar. Mi-Grid stores the excess power instead of selling it to the utility. This saves 30% more than standard solar. Plus the power is available if the utility goes down. Regular solar systems shut down when the utility is out. And Mi-Grid includes a generator for further reliability. All systems are controlled by Mi-Grids Energy Management System, switching between sources so fast you’ll never notice. Never lose power!

Mi-Grid for Homes features:

5kW to 20kW of Solar


220 Volt AC system - Sustained output 4K-16kW


Inverter power doubles for motor and air conditioner starting surge


8kW-35kW Auto Starting Generator (6-16kW Natural Gas)


Long life - Recyclable - Advanced AGM Batteries


Save 30% more than standard solar


Home Photovoltaic Technology benefits:

Saves 90% fuel and run time vs. a backup generator


2.2kW to 72kW continuous power


1-20 kW Solar Arrays


Works Day or night, Rain or Shine


Custom systems can be configured to your needs!


Energy Management system chose least expensive, most reliable power, switches in 1/60th of a second!


Power stays on even when utility out


Solar Energy for Business

MI-GRID photovoltaic energy systems are 99.99% reliable, saving your business from losses and ultimately saving money. Stored energy Solar Micro-Grid systems save 30% over traditional grid-tied solar. Losing electric power in businesses can effect overall performance, and put the company in danger. Utilizing eco-friendly solar energy reflects well on business ethics, while never worrying about electricity outages.


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Usage Daily4080150kWh/day
Usage Monthly120024004500kWh/Mth
Continuous Output (Combined)4816kW
Max Air Conditioning*2.0 Ton3.0 Ton6 Ton
Max (Starting)81624kW
Gen Nat/Propane6/88/1010/12kW
Gen Diesel [2016]~8~8~12kW
System1 phase1 phase1 phase
Battery Storage kWh19.238.476.8AGM
6.412.825.6AGM usable
Dimensions60 x 40 x 48/152x102x12272 x 96 x 48/183x244x12272 x 96 x 48/138x244x122inches/cm
Electrical Disconnects444
Nominal Solar4 kW8 kW16 kW
Maximum Solar5 kW10 kW20 kW
Recommended Solar4 kW8 kW16 kW

*13 SEER – Non VFD in good condition with 5-2-1 start capacitor. If using VFD or high effy. mini-split, limit is maximum power. i.e. Mi-GRID 250 can operate a 1.5 Ton 21 SEER mini-split, 1400 Watts.

Mi-Grid can be Installed Anywhere!

Systems feature NEMA-4 enclosures for durability

Many packaging options, including wall-mounted, shed-enclosed or trailer mounted for easy transport

Each system is fully factory tested prior to shipment

Business & Residential systems installed through Solar Installers

Larger system installations customized to the specifications of the application.

Mobile systems installed by RV dealers and Gourmet Food Truck manufacturers

Kits available for self install

Custom Solar Project? Get in touch with our Engineers for an Estimate!

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