How does MI-GRID work?

Mi-Grid is most similar to an Off -Grid solar energy system. It takes solar energy and makes DC power. It uses this power to run an inverter, making AC power, or stores it in batteries, or both.

How does MI-GRID differ?

Mi-Grid also connects AC power from multiple sources, a generator and/or utility power. In-stead of an oversized battery bank and solar array, it uses the generator as a backup. Mi- Grid is about half the cost of a similar off-grid solar system.

How is that different from regular solar on houses?

“Standard” Solar energy systems installed on residential houses are usually called “Grid Tied” or “Utility Connected”. They simply convert the DC power from the solar panel to AC power. It is directly connected to house power.

They do not store solar power. Either the solar power is used locally or it is sent to the utility.

Mi-Grid Saves 30% more

Mi-Grid doesn’t sell power to the utility. It saves all of the extra energy in the batteries to use later. If the utility pays less for your solar power than you pay them for electricity, you save 30% more than if you sell your power.

What if the power goes out?

With standard solar, if the utility system shuts down, so does the solar. This is for safety.

Mi-Grid can operate independent from the utility. During the day, a Mi-Grid system is disconnected from the utility. You won’t even notice an outage.

At night, Mi-Grid connects to utility power if the batteries are low. If the utility goes out, it automatically switches to the batteries. With the batteries low and the utility out, the generator automatically starts.

The Generator supplies power and recharges the batteries. Once the batteries are charged, the generator shuts off. On a stormy day, with the utility out and no sun, the generator will cycle a few times.

How is Mi-Grid compared to a generator?

Normal generators run continually when the power is out, using lots of fuel and making noise. Plus, most backup generators require maintenance after as little as 100 hours. In an extended outage, that is changing the oil every 4 days!

Even without solar, Mi-Grid can reduce fuel consumption by 50%. It does this by running the generator at a higher load for a shorter time and storing the extra energy in the batteries, switching to inverter when full. Add in the solar panels and Mi-Grid may use no fuel at all. It averages out to a 90% reduction in fuel and 90% less run time, saving operation, maintenance and generator life.

Mi-Grid keeps the power on. Never lose power.

Mi-Grid can be Installed Anywhere!

Systems feature NEMA-4 enclosures for durability

Many packaging options, including wall-mounted, shed-enclosed or trailer mounted for easy transport

Each system is fully factory tested prior to shipment

Business & Residential systems installed through Solar Installers

Larger system installations customized to the specifications of the application.

Mobile systems installed by RV dealers and Gourmet Food Truck manufacturers

Kits available for self install

Custom Solar Project? Get in touch with our Engineers for an Estimate!

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