MI-GRID, a hybrid renewable energy system, combines solar, energy storage, utility and generator power.

Available in sizes from small RV’s to large homes or commercial buildings. Off-Grid, Mobile, utility-tied, Remote and Off-Shore. Tetra West is here to make your life better by powering your life.

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Usage Daily10254080150kWh/day
Usage Monthly300750120024004500kWh/Mth
Continuous Output (Combined)2.244816kW
Max Air Conditioning*1 Ton1 Ton2.0 Ton3.0 Ton6 Ton
Max (Starting)4.4881624kW
Gen Nat/Propane46/86/88/1010/12kW
Gen Diesel [2016]~6~8~8~12kW
System1 phase1 phase1 phase1 phase1 phase
110VAC Only110VAC Only220VAC220VAC220VAC
Battery Storage kWh4.89.619.238.476.8AGM
1.6 3.26.412.825.6AGM usable
Dimensions36 x 24 x 12/91x61x3042 x 40 x 38/107x102x12260 x 40 x 48/152x102x12272 x 96 x 48/183x244x12272 x 96 x 48/138x244x122inches/cm
Electrical Disconnects34444
Nominal Solar1 kW2 kW4 kW8 kW16 kW
Maximum Solar1 kW2.5 kW5 kW10 kW20 kW
Recommended Solar1 kW2 kW4 kW8 kW16 kW
*13 SEER - Non VFD in good condition with 5-2-1 start capacitor. If using VFD or high effy. mini-split, limit is maximum power. i.e. Mi-GRID 250 can operate a 1.5 Ton 21 SEER mini-split, 1400 Watts.