Off-Grid Energy Independence – Never Lose Power, Save More with Solar

Hybrid Energy System
Energy management system combines power from multiple sources including: Solar, Utility Power, Energy Storage and Auto-starting Generator.

Remote Power for Power Anywhere
From 2kW to 80kW continuous power, surge power for starting Air Conditioners, pumps and motors, 6kW to 160kW.

Solar Powered
Power from Sun – even works on cloudy days. Solar and batteries supply power during the day. Switches to generator power if batteries are depleted. In times of high power demand or low sun-light, Generator supplements pow-er while recharging batteries, then shuts down, reducing fuel and noise.

Large Storage system
Inverter/Batteries can operate standalone for many hours, including air conditioning! In times with-out fuel, system can provide critical power.

Fully Integrated system
Includes Energy Management system, Inverters, Charge Controllers, Transfer switches, Energy Storage, Outlets and Generator – Pre-packaged and tested assuring high quality.

Easy Installation
Pre-packaged primary systems minimizes electrical installation costs. Solar panels and mounting hardware Available. Multiple de-signs for your unique needs. 130- 150 mph designs available.

Never Lose power
Seamless transition between sources. Power never goes out. Like a computer UPS!

Saves Fuel
Generator fills in when renewable and utility sources are not available. Operates at high power, running everything & recharging batteries. Shuts down when batteries full. Up to 90% savings versus traditional generators. Pays for itself in as little as 6 Months.

Reduced Maintenance
Generator only runs when needed. Mi-Grid generators run at most a few of hours per day. Time before maintenance is significantly in-creased. Traditional generators run 24/7. With run time reduced by run 90%

Not just for Off-Shore
But Mi-Grid is not just for off-grid. Mi-Grid works great in high cost power areas, or areas with unreliable or intermittent power. Typical Electrical savings are 30% over standard grid-tied solar while providing multi-source power reliability and backup. With Mi-Grid you never lose power.

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