Save the world from Cow Farts!

Well, maybe solar can’t stop all greenhouse gasses. Renewable energy comes from all sorts of places. Landfills, cow manure and other places with organic decomposition produce methane, along with other gasses. Here’s an article about how California is trying to rid the world of these nasty gasses. Methane does have a much higher greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide.

OK, everyone raise their hands that tried to light a, uh, well, forget I brought it up. Let’s just say that, those gasses, can be flammable!

These “organic gasses” can be used to produce electricity. A gas turbine, basically a jet engine that sits on the ground, or a big reciprocating engine, like a car that doesn’t move, can take that explosive gas and burn it and turn a generator to make electricity. And if there isn’t enough hot air in the world, the hot exhaust from these engines can be used to make hot water or steam.

How exactly do you go from, well, bull crap to high value fuel? Very carefully! Click-on the illustration below


It’s a dirty job and someone has to do it! And even better, Mi-Grid’s generator can run on these gasses! (Had to tie Mi-Grid in SOMEHOW!). See how a Mi-Grid can help you keep the lights while saving you money!

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