Solar Power System: Everything you need to know to add solar to your Food Truck

People living in the city are most likely to be familiar with the new trend of food trucks and their tasty fare, even though they have actually been around for years. With increasingly more people turning to the food truck industry for a cheap, quick meal and even at times a gourmet meal, patrons want a gourmet atmosphere. Emissions and noise from these gas guzzling generators can ruin that impression.

How can we now keep the power on our food trucks, while cutting the environmental impact?

The simple answer is to go solar. A lot of food truck vendors have discovered this, and are presently taking their local, sustainable and organic food job to the next level by using solar power. They aim to bring tasty, fresh, healthy and affordable food to the masses, and they are a more eco-friendly choice compared to several other fast food options.

Food trucks with solar power are presently taking a lead for several different reasons. A few include:

They are Cost-Saving

For many food truck operators solar is a cost-effective source of power. An average food truck owner operating on a traditional generator spends a minimum of $5 to $10 daily on fuel. There is also cost, labor and hassle in maintaining a generator. And the cost of replacement or repairing generators down the line can be costlier than installing solar panels. For a food truck operating 50 hours a week, the time for pay back can be as short as 9 months!

Traditional Food Trucks pollute the environment

The majority of food trucks operate on a diesel or gasoline generator that is specifically designed to run only a few hours. Operators tend to run them at a stretch for up to 14 hours, resulting in a high output of greenhouse-gas emissions, particulate matter, nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide. And the worst pollutant, is NOISE!

Considering the harmful effects, and the way solar power can offset operating costs, it is not difficult to see why solar food trucks are trending to solar. For more details on adding solar to food truck, contact [company name]

6 thoughts on "Solar Power System: Everything you need to know to add solar to your Food Truck"

samir bhakta says:

I have 2 food trucks in Honolulu and need to see about getting solar panels to the trucks.

Morgan Black says:

I am in the process of opening a food truck and I would like to see about making it solar.

Kat says:

Starting a food truck soon want to make it solar for any electrical needs in my truck

migrid says:

Give us a call and we will see what will work for you.

Willard Norman says:

I have been Bless with a good truck but I want to go solar power only.

migrid says:

E-mail sent. We’re happy to work with you on an energy upgrade

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