Whole House vs. Essential Circuits

Mi-Grid is a hybrid solar energy system, combining battery storage PV solar with a backup generator. It can provide for all of your power needs, on-grid or off-grid, stationary or mobile, on-shore or off-shore. It can provide your power in times of emergency.

Mi-Grid can provide power two ways. Standard Mi-Grid systems are primarily solar powered. The solar PV panels collect power during the day. What isn’t used is stored in the batteries for use later. The solar is designed to provide average power needs, year-round. The generator provides backup power, in cases of low sunlight or a day of very high energy use.

The generator is sized to recharge the batteries only if they become discharged, running long enough to recharge and providing power at the same time. Generator control is automatic and switching is so fast you may never notice. Even using Air Conditioning in the summer, an appropriately sizes Mi-Grid will use about 1 hour of generator time per day. Some days more and some days, none at all. These Mi-Grids are designed to provide all day power, even Air Conditioning, at all times.

The other way Mi-Grid can work is to provide a smaller Mi-Grid system but a larger generator. Sometimes it is not possible to provide a full size Mi-Grid. This could be due to available space for solar panels or even cost issues. A small Mi-Grid provides essential power at all times and the generator powers larger systems as needed.

The electrical system is split into essential and intermittent. The essentials are powered by Mi-Grid’s inverter output. They never lose power. Intermittent systems are only provided power when the generator is running.

Essential systems include small 110VAC air conditioners, microwave oven, toaster over, small appliances, TVs, lights and ceiling fans. Basically, anything that is 110VAC. Depending on the size of the Mi-Grid, care may be necessary with what is run together. But most day to day items work are fine. For a regular house, small mini-split or window A/C units can be run at night in the bedrooms.

Intermittent systems include large 220VAC air conditioners, 220VAC appliances, electric stoves, electric ovens electric dryers and electric hot water heaters. With a larger Mi-Grid system, some of these systems could be placed in the essentials area. A manual switch is provided to start and stop the generator when the intermittent systems are desired. Mi-Grid still can start the generator if the batteries become low. And the intermittent systems can be used anytime the generator is running.

The Mi-Grid 250 and 500 are 110VAC. You have to use to generator for 220VAC systems. With the Mi-grid 1000 and up, 220VAC appliances can be in the essentials.

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